The shopping area and worldly life in Frankfurt



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The shopping area and worldly life in Frankfurt


A modern and cosmopolitan city as Frankfurt cannot do without an appropriate shopping area. This area stretches out on the Zeil, the main street rich of shops, markets and restaurants.

Generally speaking, shops are gathered in categories (clothes, housewife good exc..), therefore the visit of this street offers an interesting perspective on German shopping. West of the Zeil lies the Goethestraße, considered as Frankfurt’s Fifth Avenue. Shops are all quite posh, with Italian trademarks such as Armani ad Valentino, or names like Cartier and Tiffany. The street certainly deserves a visit, but not always a stop….

Anyway the adjacent streets are all rather affordable. Amidst the other commercial malls, worthy of note is the Zeilgalerie, on the Hauptwache, on which top stands a panoramic platform looking over the city and its skyscrapers. The Zeil area could not be without a restaurant district, which is called “Fressgass', literally the “street of revelries”, celebrated every year with a feast.

Markets deserves a special mention. Every Friday the weekly market takes place in the SchillerstraĂźe, in the area close to the GoethestraĂźe, with 50 stands, while every Thursday and Saturday the food and agricultural market is held in Konstablerwache, along the Zeil area.

A suggestion for all lovers of compulsive and wild shopping who can’t hold their shop bags: on level B of the Hauptwache there are security boxes available for rental!





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