The Embankment Museums in Frankfurt



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The Embankment Museums in Frankfurt


The almost total destruction of the city during the air raids of the Second World War has given Frankfurt a new cultural rush which turned out to be absolutely original.

Having lost the majority of its buildings, the city chose to pursue a cultural vocation which would conjugate its ancient history with new ideas and the modern artistic sensitiveness. That's how in the ‘80s the project of joining the two banks of river Main originated, giving birth to a “museum district” which today includes 13 museums, 11 of which are placed in a row along the west bank (Giersch Museum, Liebieghaus, Städel art institute, Civic Gallery, Telecommunication system, German Architecture Museum, German Film Museum, World Cultures Museum/Gallery 37, Applied Art Museum, Icons Museum, Schmidt-Voigt foundation) and 2 on the east bank (the Jewish Museum and the Children History Museum).
On other banks of the river are also situated the Archaeological Museum and the Modern Art Museum.

Although it is difficult to visit all the 13 museums, a promenade along the river banks is sufficient to see the architectural constructions conceived for this project, some of which were designed by great architects. An interesting initiative is the Museumsufer-Ticket, a single ticket which gives admission to all the museums of the district.




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