Frankfurt Palmengarten (the palm-trees garden)



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Frankfurt Palmengarten (the palm-trees garden)

Frankfurt is very proud of its green areas, and it is even prouder of its absolutely original Botanic Garden. Although the exotic aspect is clearly indicated yet in the name, still the great variety and richness of attractions present in the garden results amazing. the park is arranged in multiple gardens, each of them with its own peculiarity.

The Rhododendron Garden offers the view over an expanse of flowers in vivid colours, while the Cactus Garden, if visited in the summer period, reveals the wonderful blooming of fat plants. In the area dedicated to home plants, it is possible to assist to blooming all year round, while in another point of the garden the sub arctic vegetation has been reproduced. The Tropicarium permits to plunge into the delightful nature of the Tropics, with its wide range of landscapes, from the savannah to the monsoon forest, to the underwater cave.
And finally, the Rocky Garden, apparently a less interesting , which is actually embellished with delightful waterfalls.

The palm-tree garden presents numerous attractions especially for those who visit it in the summer period, offering train and boat rides, mini golf, and the Rose and Lights feast (taking place every year in June).
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