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Frankfurt’s cathedral


The Cathedral is one of the few ancient buildings which were saved from the air raids of the alleys in 1944. Inside the church it is possible to know the story of the massive restoration works which involved the dome and other parts of the building.

The original construction dates back to 852, and in the span of time between 1562 and 1792, the church has witnessed 10 coronations. The annexed museum recalls the story of the church, with some invaluable pieces saved from the war. Despite the history and prestige of the church, the status of “Cathedral” was wrongly given by Frankfurt inhabitants, since the building has never been a cathedral, nor has it ever been the seat of a bishop.

We might say that this ancient construction represents the symbol and synthesis of that tendency to greatness which would have lately characterized the modern city. The bell-tower (95 mt!) which flanks the church can be also visited from April to October.

60311 Frankfurt am Main

How to get: tram 11/12 Römer


duomo di Francoforte


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