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Food specialties in Frankfurt

Due to the cold German climate, the national cuisine is rich and fat, normally based on pork meat, potatoes and some unusual ingredients like cinnamon and raisins, used to season soups. If you don’t let yourself be scared by the first impact, German food can result anyway satisfactory.
Sausages and salami are among the best items, and the salt soups are tasty and original, as well as the pickles.


Frankfurt is particularly renowned for the green sauce and cheese slices seasoned with vinegar, oil and garlic (Handkäs' mit Musik).
A special mention goes to cakes, which alone can ensure the necessary amount of calories of a complete meal, but they are definitely worth this venial sin.
There is a wide choice of pastry shops, chocolate shops and cafés in Frankfurt, where to taste the local specialties, rigorously sitting at the table.

At Christmas time some shops draw buyers with würstel, served with cabbages and potatoes, while during the rest of the year it is possible to try one of the numerous restaurants with national and international cuisine.

Food lovers should not miss a walk in Große Bockenheimer Straße (between Opernplatz and Börsenstraße), which is familiarly called the “street of rivalries”. Here you will find all sorts of cafés and specialty shops which provide a temptation you will not resist.

And in July and August, in this street takes place the Rheingau wine market and the Fressgass feast.