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Frankfurt is mostly known for its primary role in the European economic and financial market. In fact some of the major financial institutions, such as the stock exchange, the Federal Bank of Germany and the Central Bank have all their seat here. The architectural aspect of the city is also strongly affected by this economic and financial role, considering that the biggest skyscrapers which delineate the skyline of the city are the headquarters of banks. The Silver Tower and Eurotower,for instance, as well as the glass twin towers and the Commerzbank. And it’s bank that has its seat in the only accessible skyscraper of Frankfurt, the Main Tower, from where it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view.

Looking at the bold architectures of the skyscrapers, it’s hard to imagine that Frankfurt has once been a city with a glorious past and a rich history behind, and which is also the native place of one of the biggest romantic poets: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1710 - 1782).
Actually, from an architectural point of view very few has remained of the past glory of the city. Basically the entire city centre was razed to the ground by air-raids during the Second World War, destroying monuments and buildings which dated back to the Middle Age. The reconstruction which followed during the post-war period has moved in a twofold direction: on one side modern and functional buildings were constructed, to host banks and economic or financial offices; on the other side the municipality has turned the green areas of the city into beautiful parks, which today represent the proud of Frankfurt.

Today, what strikes a tourist the most is the dynamicity of Frankfurt, and at the same time its ability to preserve the aspect of a man-sized metropolis: efficient, functional, but also capable of offering green and relaxing places. Looking at the pictures of Frankfurt immediately after the second world war, one cannot escape a sense of admiration for this city and its courageous citizens, who had the ability to recover and renovate the urban frame, enhancing and implementing its physiognomy.

Not everyone knows that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was the son of Johann Caspar, a counsellor of the Emperor and of Katharina Elisabeth Textor, whose father was the mayor of the city. Word has it that the birth of the little Johann was quite complicated, due to the inexperienced midwife who assisted his mother, something which would have later pushed his grandfather Johann Wolfgang Textor to found the first compulsory course for obstetricians.

Some of you may find the streets of Frankfurt familiar: the city is in fact the set of two popular TV serials, and a famous cartoon : Heidi.


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